Top Tattoo Ideas for Women

Female tattoos will normally have those feminine designs that are adored by girls and women. During the earlier times, not a lot of women will consider to get a tattoo. In most cases, women who have body markings are considered rebellious or eccentric. Today, this form of self-expression becomes socially acceptable. Perhaps this is due to the number of prominent personalities such as the Hollywood celebrities who have tattoos.

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women

There are people who find women with tattoos attractive. In case you are planning to get one, here are some of the best idea and design that you might want to consider.

Thing about Something That Is Meaningful to You

Before we even enumerate the most preferred tattoos, we still encourage you to choose a design based on the things that you cherish. This tattoo should remind you of a memorable event, and it should be meaningful to you. A design may be popular or may look good, but if it does not have any meaning, there will come a time that you will feel bored about it. It is always recommended to base the layout of your body markings on something meaningful.

Dream Catcher

The dream catcher is a popular tattoo design among women. Some of the Hollywood celebrities such as Kendal Jenner and Miley Cyrus have this. The Dream catcher is a stunning ink that carries a deep meaning. In the culture of the Native American, dream catchers serve as a filter that captures the bad dreams. This will allow you to dream of only the good things when you are sleeping.

Angel Wings

The wings of the angel can have different meaning to various people. Prominent personalities such as

Rita Ora, Nicole Richie, and Beyonce have this. To some people, angel wings tattoo serves as a reminder to them about their dead loved ones. There are also other people who believe that the angel wings will protect the wearer.


Butterfly is a design that you will normally encounter among women. Brandy, Mariah Carey, and Drew Barrymore are just some of the renowned personalities who have this tattoo. Butterfly signifies change or rebirth. It depicts the transformation of the caterpillar into a sophisticated butterfly. It is a symbol that is often related with grace and elegance.


Aside from Rita Ora, Juliett Simms also has a feather tattoo. Contingent upon the type of feather, it can possess different meanings. Generally, the average meaning of this symbol may be related with freedom. It shows that the wearer is a bird that is ready to take a flight. For more in-depth meaning, the feather can also be related with angels. Perhaps the wearer believes that it serves as a protection or it is probably a symbol of their deceased loved ones.

Women should be proud when wearing their ink. It is a symbolic, remarkable and beautiful art that allows you to artistically express yourself. In case you are interested in getting a tattoo, we encourage you to conduct a research first and find which idea or design will resonate close to your heart.

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