Top Tattoo Ideas for Guys

Tattoos are symbols of personal thought, and one has the freedom to have them anywhere they desire. In the past, tattoos were associated with prisoners and slaves, and therefore not many people liked having them. In the modern society, they are becoming the new trademark for individuals and hence having one is not bad at all. They have been in existence for a long time now, and they continue to take new and advanced techniques and having a new meaning.


Men like having tattoos on their body, and it is a symbol of bravery and courage especially when the body is masculine. The tattoo design is important to convey the right message, and hence men need to consider the design. The different designs of tattoos can be drawn on several parts of the body. Even though the tattoo can be easily erased, it is an investment, and you need to make the right decision before getting a tattoo done on your body. Here are some tattoo ideas for men.

Sleeve Tattoos

These are drawn on the arms and can be used to communicate a different message. They can be written a message or a symbol of something you love. Men love sleeve tattoos especially if they have the muscles on the arm. You can draw half sleeve or full sleeve tattoo depending on the design of what you want to draw. For half sleeve tattoos, it`s important to consider smaller designs that can easily be drawn because there is limited space. Secondly, it is good if you can give your tattoo artist the leeway to be creative and advice you on the best designs that can go well with the half sleeve tattoo.

Chest Tattoos

The chest tattoos can accommodate larger images and therefore if you wanted to have a larger image done, it is a good place. You can also have anything drawn on the chest since you can conceal it when appearing for a very official event where you don’t want the private mark seen. The chest tattoos can be a portrait of someone you love or some romantic saying dedicated to your girlfriend. Most men will love chest tattoos since they have more freedom to get creative, unlike the sleeve tattoo where you will not like to have a tattoo that you mind being seen by some people.


Neck Tattoos

These are special tattoos since you can use the clothes to conceal them. Therefore it is advisable to go for designs that you will be okay with. Avoid going for tattoos that will be offensive to people and if possible let it be a smaller tattoo. If you have a very formal job, you can avoid this area and go for another body part such as the chest or the sleeve. If you don’t mind visibility, then this is a good area to have a nicely done tattoo since you have excellent opportunity to make a statement. Having the tattoo on the backside of the neck will be better.

When you are ready for a tattoo, it is important to mind the impression you will make. You also have to consider whether the tattoo will offend some important people in your life or not.

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