Top Neck Tattoo Ideas for Women

There are those who have set their mind on a specific pattern, and nobody can change that. But there are those who could use some form of inspiration, before deciding as to which tattoo works best for them. Although it is not always great to follow the latest fashion trends, there are some exceptional tattoo ideas for neck and back in women. Let’s have a look!


Best Neck Tattoo Ideas

One of the favorite neck tattoos is without a doubt a star. Even better, a set of stars in a cute shape works wonders on any neck. It resembles the sky and is romantic enough, without lacking the dazzle and romance of these celestial objects!

Similar to the star, you can get a lunar shaped tattoo. A design with crescent moon and probably a couple of stars is quite popular. You can customize the size and add color if you feel like it.

Mandala is a spiritual symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism. Even if you are not religious, you can appreciate its symmetry and beauty. In this case, it will become a true gem at the back of your neck.

Flowers are always amazing when it comes to tattoo design. Whether you choose a rose or a daisy or even lotus flower, the outcome will be astonishing. In this case, you can go for a colorful tattoo, depicting the beauty of the flower in its magnitude.

Quite out of the ordinary, there are wings you can use on your neck. They are truly impressive, adjusting to the desired size and shape. The wings will make you look like an angel, which is great!


A crown is equally outstanding when getting tattooed at the back of your neck. It is posh, revealing a sense of luxury and extravaganza. Plus, it is super awesome!

How about a snowflake? If you are a winter girl, there is no way you can go wrong with this design! Snowflakes are fragile and yet impressive, distinctive in their own simplicity. They will make an exceptional tattoo, maybe paired in couples.

Of course, there are endless other options for you to choose from. Geometrical shapes and humorous figures, Chinese letters and symbols of the Orient! You can also choose to get tattooed using a motto that best defines you and your personality.

And Now What

Whatever you do, be detailed prior to the tattoo. Let the tattoo artist exactly what you are interested in and ask for a preview. If you are not sure, browse through the designs till you find the one that best appeals to you. There is no rush since this will mark a change that follows you forever.

Neck tattoos can be lovely and highlight your neck in the most spectacular manner. Find the idea that makes your heart beat faster and go for it, expressing your creativity!

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