Tips for Your First Tattoo

When you are in the process of contemplating on whether you should get a tattoo or not, there is a possibility that you may experience mixed of emotions and thoughts. You may feel impatient, happy, excited, and perhaps a bit nervous. In order to help you calm your nerves, we decided to enumerate some tips that will make the entire experience hassle-free and fun.

Essential Tips When Getting Your First Tattoo

We understand how getting your first tattoo can be a little intimidating. By being aware on the things that you will expect during the process, you will certainly feel a lot confident. Here are some tips that you need to remember during your first experience.

Never Rush

You should never rush when choosing your design. It is a crucial step that you need to carefully consider. In fact, you should decide on this before you decide which part of your body is getting the tattoo. During the preliminary process, the artist will first sketch the proposed layout. In case there is something that you don’t like about the tattoo, you should be open with your artist. A professional artist will be open to the tough questions, and they are willing to adjust the layout based on your own preference.

Look for the Idea and Design in Advance

As we mentioned above, the design can make or break your first tattoo experience. Look for the potential designs and ideas way ahead of time. If possible, you should also bring your references when you visit thee tattoo shop. The artist can use this as a reference and create a customized layout for you. In case you prefer a portrait, provide them with a clear and large image. This will help them to capture even the smallest detail of the image.

Listen to the Artist

While we are aware that you have expectation and ideas about your first tattoo, you should also listen to the input of the artists. They have been working in this industry for long years, and they are perfectly aware on what will look good on you and what will not. Do not get us wrong, we are actually encouraging you to advocate for the things that you want and remain upfront about your expectations. However, since the artists are professionals, you need to listen to them if they have particular concern on the design or the placement.

No One Wants a Cheap Tattoo

If you have no experience in this field, it is fairly common to look for a tattoo artist that offers their service at the most reasonable price. This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can commit. The result that you will get will basically be a reflection of the money that you paid for. If their service is cheap, then it will look cheap.

Finally, you need to know how important the aftercare is. The professional artist will tell you how to take good care of your tattoo. A gentle wash would be enough, and you should refrain from submerging it under the water. Improper care of the tattoo can lead to infections.

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