The Best Ways to Get Tattoo Inspiration

A tattoo is a beautiful and artistic way of expressing your uniqueness. Numerous tattoo ideas can make it very hectic to choose your new ink. So if you have that itch to get a tatt, but you are not sure on how to come up with an idea –we have you covered. Here are the best ways to generate concepts:

Know the Reason for the Tattoo

The first step of this process knows why you want the tatt. Take a look at what’s going on in your life that may make you want a tatt. Do you want to honor anything or are you just, bored? These are some of the questions you might ask yourself.

Get Design Ideas

Do you keep a journal? It can be a source of unique ideas from your previous thoughts. If you are a poetry lover, keep a pen nearby in case you find some inspiration. Jotting some poetry is an excellent source of rare tattoos.

Do you still remember your favorite childhood book? Yes, you can draw a tattoo of the most compelling thing in the book that made you re-read it every day. Tattoos inspired by children’s book should not necessarily be quotes; they can be pictures of your favorite character.

Unique ideas can also come from a movie. You can choose to get a quote from your favorite movie or a legendary photo of your favorite actor.

If nothing works, the portfolio of your artist is a rich source of ideas. The collection tells you more about the artist’s work and capabilities besides, brightening up your opinions.

Book a Consultation

You can book a consultation with your favorite artist to discuss the rough details of the design you have in mind. Bring pictures or sketches; that makes the process more productive. From there, you

can both discuss the font, photo size, location, and colors you like.

Decide on the Details


Location of the tattoo is a critical aspect of the design. A tatt drawn on your hips differs significantly from one on your arm. Consider its visibility and how it changes when your body ages. You can ask for advice from your artist to avoid making the wrong decisions.

Size and Style:

Figuring out the size of the tatt is essential because it weighs on the style –and pain.

Also, all styles come with different artistic guidelines. If you have a low tolerance for pain, go for a smaller tatt. For an impressive design opt for a big one with bright colors. Finally, if you have no idea on the size of your tatt discuss the issue with your artist to avoid making a significant mistake.

If you are ready to get that ink, but you are not sure of what to do, we have plenty of ideas. You can also come with your own and will make it collaboration.

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