Tattoo Styles of 2017

Tattoo styles are like fashion, art, and music. They change every year. An inspiring tatt idea can come from anywhere, but according to current 2017 styles, it is all about simplistic designs, delicate lines, and discreet vibes.

The tatt experience is all about self-expression, which allows you to create your personal style. Although, you can still draw inspiration from new tattoo styles of 2017, and make sure that before your lifetime commitment with ink, you are entirely in the loop.

Emerging Trends in 2017


2017 trends come with a more subtle and artistic approach the use of watercolors in tatts, which is beautiful and breathtaking. Watercolors deliver unique and stunning impressions when combined with black lines, or used as an enhancement.

Right now it is the most refreshing tattoo you can ever get. However, there are some concerns regarding the tattoos fading over time. That should not stop you from exploring this fresh style.

Tiny Tatts

Going tiny is a trend that has been the in thing for several years in a row, but this year more men and women including celebrities are demanding for it. Most people wear small tatts on the wrist, fingers, ankles, and behind the ears. Now you can use more colors, instead of black such as red ink.

Script tattoos have also remained popular in the tiny minimalist trend. This style is suitable for professions where tatts are not permitted. First-time users have also increased this trend’s popularity. If you have doubts about getting a tiny tattoo: Know that it is more organic and easily covered.


Geometric shapes have been relatively static for a long time finding use in cultural tattooing. Now, new fresh geometric styles are taking over the industry. People are opting for geometric shapes for various reasons. Some attribute the patterns to the promotion of a spiritual connection to nature.

If you want this design, keep in mind that geometrics are beautiful and organic. Depending on your request the artist can use black ink or more colors and make it either complicated or simple.

Single Line

Minimalist artists are making waves this year with super clean, simple designs such as the single line tattoo. A single line is one continuous line, simple but visually attractive. However, it poses a challenge for artists because there is no room for errors while drawing it.

A single line tatt has to be handled delicately and smoothly to make it look light and graceful on the skin. Blue and black are the preferred colors for this design.

Freehand Artistry

For a wild thrill this year, opt for hand-drawn tattoos; currently the most exciting and worthwhile trend. Freehand artistry is trending because customers are concerned with getting novel ink designs on their skin.

The style blends well with traditional tattooing using different types of inks and lines. A hand-drawn tatt can capture and immortalize a moment on your skin, try it for something fresh.

For the most artistic styles of 2017, we have all the best options. Work with one of the best tatt designers in the industry to ensure that only fantastic work of arts drape on your skin. We also listen to any idea you have.

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