Best Tattoo Lettering Designs

Letters are loved and adored by many. The idea of turning your body into a beautiful canvas filled with expertly written text is alluring. You can write about anything; your name; initials of your love; date of birth; inspiring words of wisdom among other messages. Lettering presents a challenge since the body is different from paper. It is not 100% white. Additionally, it is cylindrical and has topography. The text uses lines that can get smudged overtime as the skin ages. Despite these limitations, you can still get excellent tats designs. Some include:

1. Arabic Tattoo Lettering

If you want a sexy, mysterious tat, Arabic lettering, is one of the best ink to have on your skin. The words flow from the right to the left unlike the typical western style from left to right. You can go for wise, inspiring words of wisdom on your wrist, behind the ears or even the neck. It is essential to make sure that you have the correct translation when using Arabic text.

2. Tribal Tattoo Lettering

Tribal tattoos are symbols and letters from ancient tribes. In addition, to their decorative role they played different functions such as expressing social status, religious believes, and camouflage in the forest. The symbols can also display values including audacity, courage, hope, faith, and balance. You can convey your feelings and character more using tribal tattoos. Geometric shapes on the shoulders are suitable for men and smaller tats on the hips for women.

3. Calligraphy Tattoo Lettering

You can find hundreds of font styles under calligraphy, although they have limitations. If you want your tat to remain readable the placement, texture and selecting the right colors is essential. Having an artist choose the ideal typography suitable for your body will prevent disappointments.

4. Japanese Tattoo Lettering

Tattoos in Japan were for spiritual purposes and less for decoration. The designs are preferred for their superior artistry and deep symbolism. You can choose among three designs; Kanji that originated from Chinese characters. It is the most common for its complex, beautiful characters used to convey different feelings, ideas, and words of wisdom. Hiragana and Katana are other types of writing that communicates feminism, sound, and masculinity. The tats can be worn horizontally or vertically. Check out the various types available to make the best selection.

5. Chinese Tattoo Lettering

In the west, Chinese characters are among the most adored designs. The characters are not like standard typography, which is just made of sharp corners. Art is an integral component of the design. Ensure that you have an accurate translation of the message you want to convey. Chinese letters can be placed anywhere horizontally or vertically.

Final Word

While there are so many font generators on the internet, only an expert artist can come up with a typography that is unique for your skin. Our artistic interpretation of the fonts ensures that you get the best-looking design that will look good for ages and remain readable. Contact us for beautiful designs.

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